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Interns - Social Entrepreneurship Group


Val RodriguezSocial Entrepreneurship – is the Social Entrepreneurship Project Manager and the co-founder of Driftour. She has organized several major events this semester including the SEG screening of Generation Start Up and the Redeye Coffee-sponsored social entrepreneurship expo. See staff section for contact information


Alexa CardoneInternational Affairs – is a social entrepreneurship intern. Her research looks at the relationship between social entrepreneurship and the non-profit sector and examines how each are having an effect on the other.


Fiorella RiccobonoPolitical Science – is a social entrepreneurship intern. Through her research study, “Project Regain,” she is analysing patterns within Tallahassee’s homeless population. Using qualitative data, she identifies prior work experience, intrinsic passions, and education background to establish local employment opportunities.


Stephany BittarEconomics; Psychology – is a social entrepreneurship intern. Her research has a behavioral economic focus and delves into the differences between social and traditional entrepreneurs.