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Data Analytics Group

Matt Laird

Matt LairdEconomics; Applied Mathematics – is the Data Analytics Director. His research areas this semester have been diverse, spanning complementary graphics and data analysis visuals that pair with policy lab research: targeted industry tax incentives, per-business regulatory burdens, community redevelopment agency performance, etc. See staff section for contact information

Dante Greico

Dante GreicoEconomics – is a data analyst intern. His initial research focused on the level of restrictive legal documentation on economic activity and the trends in spending and revenue of the respective governmental bodies. Subsequently, his focus has shifted to other revenue factors including ad valorem and federal grant-based government revenue.

Benjamin Petersen

Benjamin PetersenEconomics; International Relations – is a data analyst intern. His research has focused on evaluating the permitting process for commercial projects over the last 20 years by using government records to create a timeline for each project to determine if the permitting process is efficient, or unnecessarily restricting entrepreneurship.

Trevor Sayers

Trevor SayersActuarial Science; Economics – is a data analyst intern. His work has focused on two areas: first, analysing and creating graphics showing the relationships between occupational licensing restrictions and county/municipality revenue; and second, assessing changes in categorical county government spending trends back to two decades.

Sean Edney

Sean EdneyEconomics; International Affairs – is a data analyst intern. His primary focus has been evaluating and interpreting raw data on community redevelopment agencies and the respective collection of revenues and allocation of expenditures over the past five years for several hundred Floridian CRA’s.